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The story, republished here, is a sobering reminder of the struggles Greek immigrants to the United States and Canada faced when they arrived in the New World.

*** It was 1922, Americans of Hellenic heritage were suffering personal and economic intimidation orchestrated by the revived Ku Klux Klan.

Although children who are spanked typically comply with parents in the short term, studies dating back to the 1960s find that they become increasingly aggressive in the long term.

Xena thought Atrius abandoned his family when she was young.Two tourists from France, who were also waiting in line to get to the viewing sections, said they didn’t mind the cold, yet. “For now we’re too excited,” said Andy Chirad, a 21-year-old medical student. We’ve seen (the ball drop) on TV but tonight we’re going to see it for real." Many people drove or flew in from other states and other countries to be part of the Times Square celebrations. It was time for them to unify and organize, to protect and defend life and livelihood.The widespread and often violent discrimination against immigrants from Greece is an almost forgotten page of American history.

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