Tor browser updating

Al het tcp-verkeer van gebruikers wordt langs verschillende Tor-routers geleid, waarna het voor de ontvanger vrijwel niet meer mogelijk is om na te gaan wie de oorspronkelijke verzender was.

Note that the recent exploit did not affect 4.5 users, but they should upgrade to this release immediately because numerous other potential security issues were fixed by Mozilla in this release.The Pirate Bay has released a bundle of add-ons to help people search for and access bits of the internet that governments and ISPs have locked away.The only hitch is: despite the fact that it contains a Tor client, security experts have said that it doesn't completely anonymise internet traffic. Pirate Browser, released in celebration of the torrent site's 10th birthday – and with a bunch of torrent sites already bookmarked, natch – is based on Firefox Portable and comes bundled with proxy-management toolset Foxyproxy and the Tor client Vidalia.In this repository you will find links to download the latest version of Tor Browser and Orbot, which currently are 7.0.2 and 15.1.2. Please select one of the links below: Download Orbot (signature file).

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