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AKA I’mma Be a Single Harpy Forever After being Surprise Dumped rather unceremoniously earlier this year by a person who had until that point pursued me hard & proffered, unsolicited, dreams upon dreams of our future together, I felt, well, pretty much like a greasy fast food bag, with a half-eaten chicken sandwich inside that the consumer had discovered to contain a lump of indistinguishable material, thus prompting them to discard the rest of the meal, squish the bag, & toss it out of their car window in the general direction of a trash can, with little regard as to where it landed. Run-on sentence aside, I felt & still feel like shit – replaceable, disposable, unnecessary, unwanted shit. She’s given me the encouragement to keep thinking, processing, and developing.It wasn’t long after starting my work with Aleeza that what had felt like the most challenging part of life began to feel like the most rewarding.She said: When I think about all I have been able to accomplish, it surprises me that I have only been working with Aleeza since this summer.Before speaking with her, I felt unclear about what it would take to be successful in finding the right one.And I finally have braces (that i resisted getting for years so I can learn how to attract and smile prior to getting them all in line).And you know what…I STILL am not going to be regarded as someone much higher than a “7” on a 1 to 10 scale.

we don't really have any dating tips on our site, so we took it upon ourselves to share our wealth of knowledge with you all.we wouldn't want to dissappoint our audience after for your reading pleasure we have constructed a mediocre dating guide. things to remember: its worthless to be nervous for a date.I figure, if I ask them these things, they will know to leave immediately & stay far, far away, ensuring that my stupid fragile heart will never be put through the Baby ILove You Wait Just Kidding blender ever again. If somehow, the person manages to answer these questions or at least be amused by how my poor li’l brain is trying to take care of my poor li’l heart, then maybe we can go on a second date.

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