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What’s important is that we’re all here.”" data-reactid="23". What’s important is that we’re all here.”Griffin apologized for the “disturbing” image." data-reactid="24"Shortly after the photo was released on Tuesday, Griffin apologized for the “disturbing” image.“I’m a comic. Whatever happens after that, it happens," Hart explains."Bill Maher, I don't think Bill Maher is a racist, but, you know, the consequences of using the word, you know how many people view your show.One who knows that the image is not only sickening but downright scary to a child yet sends it to your home anyway?Heidi Klum isn’t the only one who likes her men young, so does Kathy Griffin.The mailer was posted by KFYI's conservative talk-show host Mike Broomhead on Thursday.

My children, especially my 11-year-old son, Barron, are having a hard time with this. "His eldest child, Donald Jr., called Griffin's photo "disgusting" in a tweet.It was in terrible taste when the not-so-funny comic tweeted it out in May.Now along comes Ward, not only using it to as a vehicle to raise cash but plastering it smack on the front of the envelope containing her plea for money.So you have a huge platform, and you say certain things on that platform that are going to be seen by so many.You look at Kathy Griffin, and you look at Bill Maher from what they've done. We always take risks but, you know, sometimes it can be distasteful." WATCH: Kathy Griffin Breaks Down in Tears Defending Controversial Donald Trump Photo: ' He Broke Me'" data-reactid="24" hosts that he's not in a place to speak about someone losing their job. Though, Hart adds that "certain things can just not be tasteful.""I think [with] Kathy Griffin, I get that it was a joke, it wasn't received well, you apologize and you step away from it.

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